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Frambors reviews:

"I wanted to take a second and recognize an amazing
massage therapist right here in Framingham. Leslie Fraser from Fraser
Massage has helped me come back from an sports injury that has truly set me
back since August.

Diagnosed with a bulging disk and a herniated disk, the pain got to the
unbearable point. I have tried a ton of options including other deep
massage therapists but never have I encountered such a person in tune and
in love with her job. My muscles are quite relaxed and therefore my nerves
are not so pressed on.

The very first time I went to see her, she nailed down my diagnosis among
other things from just lying on the table. I have visited many massage
therapists in my day but never experienced anything like Leslie. I am for
ever in her debt for bringing me back to life and for all those ailing from
injuries, she knows exactly how to help you.

In addition, most health insurances don't except a massage as a form of
treatment but her cost per visit is far less than anyone I have seen. I
HIGHLY recommend Leslie and once you go see her, you will understand why.
Good luck..."

Douglas Gordon, Framingham

"I have to second this recommendation for Leslie Fraser for deep tissue/post athletic injury massage. After reading this [Douglas Gordon's recommendation] original post I immediately sent it to my husband. He's had back surgery twice and was still dealing with sciatic pain. He's a runner/triathlete and was planning to compete in an ironman triathlon this summer but in February his nerve pain had returned to the extent that walking was very difficult. For several weeks he tried various traditional and non traditional treatments and medication but nothing seemed to help. He had almost resigned himself to not competing in the ironman. As a "one last effort" he saw Leslie for the first time mid April. He goes about once every week or two. I can happily say that not only can he walk normally again, we are currently driving home from Buffalo NY where he ran the Buffalo marathon in his goal time and is excited to be getting ready for the Ironman. Anyone with injuries, where other treatments aren't working should strongly consider Leslie Fraser. "

Heidi McIndoo, Framingham

"I second that! [Douglas Gordon's recommendation] Leslie is so amazingly talented! I get fairly regular massages and what she offers is entirely and completely superior. I won't go to anyone else now that I've found her!


"thanks for the amazing, intuitive, therapeutic massage! I just slid out of my car like a 20 year old."

Kristen Houlker, Framingham

YELP! reviews:

"Go to this great therapist. She gets deep into the painful areas and is able to provide immediate relief. Great aura and wonderful thoughtful massage practitioner. You won't be disappointed. One of the best and I've been going for 20 years. Just got back and had hurt my back (in yoga with an extreme move) . I am relieved already."

Elise T, Holliston

"Lots of issues with hip, back etc.... Very helpful in sorting out etiology and addressing the causes of the inflexibility. Highly recommended!"

Scott M., Medway

"I have been to many spas and have had many massages. I can tell you that Leslie gives the best deep tissue massages I have ever had. I cannot recommend Leslie enough. I introduced my mother in law to Leslie and she is also a huge fan. She recommends Leslie to all her friends as well. Leslie is by far the best therapist I have been to. And I have been to many. Her deep tissue work is great. And where I am a larger person that is saying a lot. I would recommend Leslie to anyone."

Randy B., Natick

"Having been to a few different massage therapists over the years I can happily and confidently review Leslie as being wonderful at what she does. I had isolated pains in both my front shoulders and recently knee pain. Her care and knowledge to massage the surrounding areas has caused my discomforts to cease."

Alexander D., Hopkinton

More Reviews:

"I just wanted to let you know, my hand feels awesome... not a single twinge of pain..."

Jen M.

"Prior to treatment, I had significant problems with hip and leg pain following a total knee replacement. This pain and related muscle spasm had continued for more than a year following the operation, resulting in the continued need for pain medication. After three sessions my pain and spasms were significantly less and I could walk several blocks without debilitating spasms and pain. Having gone from MD to MD, multiple tests and repeated PT without improvement, it seems like a miracle."

Nina E. "Just wanted to let you know that today was 10x better than the last few weeks :)

After my body did some weird things last night, I woke up this morning and felt so much lighter, and was able to move throughout the day without the same pains.

Just gotta go slow the next few days, but I'm very grateful.. you're the best !"

Whitney B.
"I just want to say 'thanks.' I saw you on Monday, Thursday I got a personal record in the 5k. 26:40 vs 27:13 last year. No coincidence! :)"

Marc R., Framingham
"Boy, you weren't kidding about that whole 'you may feel the effects of this over the next few days' thing!

It feels like you released the krakens of emotional-trauma-past when you were working on my right leg/hip, and man, do I feel lighter/freer/better. I have even caught a few glimpses of my former, happier, balanced self in the past few days. And that's just the emotional component. My lower back no longer feels like it's always on the verge of spasming!! YAY! I cannot thank you enough and look forward to working with you further! Thank you thank you thank you"

Suzanne B, Framingham
"Regarding my Friday visit with you- I just casually mentioned a left jaw problem. Truth is, I have not been able to open my mouth in certain ways for about a month following some dental work. I don't know what you did, but it feels 100% better. I will definitely be back as soon as I am able.
Thank you so much."

Beverly S., Framingham
"Leslie Fraser just did some AMAZING work on me!!! She is a gifted massage therapist and healer... anyone who has ever thought about energy healing or massage therapy needs to make an appointment with Leslie today."

Shannon McCullough, Framingham, MA
"As a general practitioner, Leslie unlocked, in two short sessions, all the residual back, shoulder, and neck tensions from putting up a sheet-rock ceiling.
Then the magic began. I asked if she did hands and wrists since my Rheumatoid Arthritis has stiffened all my fingers and wrists. In two sessions she reduced the "flare" swelling in my fingers and substantially increased the flexibility of fingers and wrists. I only wish I lived closer so I could receive her gifted relief more frequently.

Ed Latimer, Westerly, RI.

'I am fortunate to have found Leslie. I try to stay very active and physically fit, however, inevitably I will overdo it. In the past, it took too much time to stretch, rest and stretch again to get back. Now, with Leslie's deep tissue/sport massage, I am able to work out the stress-points before they can sideline me. Her flexible hours and central location are very convenient, too. I highly recommend Leslie. She is a true professional with a great personality.'

Rich Joseph, South Natick

"My shoulders feel better than they have in years!"

Wendy Habeski, Framingham

"I have been seeing Leslie faithfully for over a year now and I can honestly say she has changed my life. I work in the fitness industry so I am working out all the time and I get tight - to say the least. In addition I am also prone to neck and lower back pain. This is where Leslie comes in. She is a miracle worker. She is so dedicated to her craft and my body reaps the benefits. She is meticulous and precise and she does not give up easily, even on my stubborn back. My new "go to gift" is gift certificates to see her because I want all my friends and family to experience what I experience monthly. Leslie is the best massage therapist and she could not come more highly recommended. Do yourself a favor and spend and hour with her, it will change your life."

Nichole Fabiano Ryan, Holliston

"Leslie is a fabulous intuitive body worker! I highly recommend her!"

Eve Costarelli, Natick

"I had been searching for a massage therapist who was proficient in Myofascial Release techniques. I found Leslie, who is a magician with her hands! Her massage work with me has resulted in measurable improvements in my ability to stretch, remain flexible and pain free in my neck, back and shoulders. At each session she will focus completely on what areas need attention and will always make the best use of our time. Her massages are not cookie cutter, and they are not fluff. They are truly therapeutic. If you are looking for massage that really is beneficial, and makes a difference for you, then Leslie is your therapist!"

Gail Pearlstein, Natick

"I found Leslie to be a wonderful and conscientious individual. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is very committed to her work as a massage therapist. I feel that she displays the kind of dedication, caring and professionalism we tried to encourage at MITM. I believe Leslie would make a wonderful contribution to any growing massage practice."

Dr. Steve Markus, Professor, MITM

"My doctor recommended I have massage therapy for some old athletic injuries. I visited 3 different "massage therapists", but none of them did the deep massage that I needed to loosen up old problem areas. Finally, a friend recommended Leslie and I thought I'd try one last time. After only a few treatments, my muscles have loosened significantly and much of the old pains are gone. I feel like I'm standing taller as well. Leslie is a pro!"

John Harmon, Southborough

"Leslie takes the necessary time up front, asking questions to determine where to focus and apply her techniques...she doesn't simply go through the motions, she is focused and in tune with my body, and adjusts her technique accordingly, to achieve the best results. Those are the core professional qualities which I have found set Leslie Idzal miles apart from many other massage therapists...Leslie is of the highest caliber professional massage therapists...an all star; simply book a massage session with Leslie and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed."

J. Sarnie, Framingham

"I have chronic neck and upper back pain and Leslie is always able to help loosen my muscles up so I left feeling great! She's a natural at massage and has the ability to make a person feel at ease immediately on the table...I would recommend to anyone I know to get a massage from Leslie."

E. Campbell, Marlborough

"Every massage has been wonderful with increasing benefits, but today's massage was more than that! It felt like today reflected so much progress - more than that, it also illustrated to me that your ability to make me comfortable is as important as your expertise! I feel better than I have for quite awhile."

Lesley Ormonde, Wayland

"Leslie has a wonderful technique with a strong bent towards athletic and deep tissue massage which will serve her well in the fitness arena."

Anita Luck, Natick

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Leslie for therapeutic massage. After years of Leslie encouraging me to go and see her, I finally did this morning, and the only regret I have is that I did not go to see her sooner. I desperately needed some deep tissue massage for ongoing issues with my shoulder, neck, back and hip. She expertly worked on many of my very tight muscles. If you have seen a massage therapist in the area, you know that Leslie's fee is really great. I must say that for the work she did on me this morning, it was worth every penny - and more! I plan to go back to see her in a couple of weeks as a follow-up for the tissue work she did today. "

K. Russo, Framingham

"Leslie is an extremely competent massage therapist. I have practiced massage for the past 8 years and found her work to be more effective than others who have been in the field for years. I would highly recommend Leslie personally and professionally."

Rachael Hughes, LMT, Milbury